Getting Involved With HPEC


The Alberta Teachers Association's Health and Phys. Ed. Council is a dynamic group of teachers who are interested in promoting and improving the state of:

  • Lesson delivery
  • Professional development
  • Long range professional outlook


Attend a Regional Drive-in Workshop

Your first step in getting involved with HPEC is to attend one of the regional drive-in workshops.  Please contact your Regional Representative (see HPEC Regions for more information) to find out when your next drive-in workshop will be held.


The Annual HPEC Conference

A definite 'must do' for any HPEC member, is the annual conference.  It is held in a different region each year to allow equal access for participants.  It is two plus days of education and fun.  You will come away with the knowledge and energy to bolster your existing health and phys. ed. programs.  Click on Professional Development to find out more information on this.  While you are at it, perhaps you have something you would like to contribute in the way of a session or activity at the next HPEC conference or teachers convention.  Contact your Regional Representative for more information on how you can become a presenter.


Access to The Runner

Still wanting to do more, and get more out of your HPEC membership?  Time to go to the HPEC Publications connection on this website, where you can read archived versions of the acclaimed HPEC publication called The Runner.  This publication has received accolades from other national bodies in similar fields.  The Runner editor is constantly looking for articles of interest, research, and applicable activities for Monday morning!  Maybe it is time for you to turn your ideas and lessons into a professional publication.  It will elevate your thinking and your standing amongst your peers.


Become an HPEC member

The next step is to become part of that dynamic group of HPEC members who volunteer their time to lead their peers to higher quality curriculum delivery.  If this is something that you would like to undertake - contact the HPEC president or vice president.  They will steer you in the right direction and inform you of any vacancies in the executive.