The Runner Volume 44

Gender Issues in Physical Education: Female Students’ Perspectives and Experiences
Something that has remained fairly constant in high schools over the last few decades is the low enrolment of female students in postcompulsory physical education courses. As physical educators, we need to gain an understanding as to why girls are...
Active Kids Score Higher: More Activity Time Adds Up to Better Learning
“Being active feeds the brain, giving active kids an academic advantage over their peers who are more sedentary,” says Dr Mark Tremblay, chief scientific officer of Active Healthy Kids Canada.
Run One, Walk Two—A Success Story
A few years ago, one of my friends decided to join a gym. Like most gyms, hers encouraged her to bring a friend to sign up. I wanted and needed change. I knew that my lifestyle was unhealthy: I was a heavy smoker, drank pots of coffee and...